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The Design Of Birth

There is a beautiful and healthy design to childbirth.
The design works best when we work with it. Birth is a normal, healthy life event. It is a robust and competent physiologic process of the wonderfully designed female body.It is, in fact, a largely INVOLUNTARY process! Tell your uterus to contract…you can’t! Make your cervix dilate…you can’t! Rather, the uterus is competent to do its job of gestating the fetus, dilating the cervix, and expelling the fetus. Birth is not broken so doesn’t need fixing. It is not inherently unsafe so doesn’t need rescuing. All the advances in other areas of medicine improve it, but not in birth. Rather, the less you mess with it, the better! When you work with the design, you find that it works. Read More
Where do animals go to give birth?
They go to a warm, dark, safe and protected area. A private place. They seek shelter and safety. They seek peace and protection. Why do animals go to a safe protected calm place? Two purposes: to feel secure and safe enough to let their bodies give birth, and to protect and nurture their young. They are both in a vulnerable condition, not able to protect or defend themselves from predators, so must be in a place that provides that safety and shelter. Read More
Trust your body to do its work. The uterus is a very strong capable organ, very muscular and fit to do its work of carrying the baby, dilating the cervix and bringing baby out! Labor is a healthy normal process that works very well when we work with it.
Having a helper in labor has been shown to shorten labor, decrease complications, help breastfeeding go better, and make for a happier birth! Your helper can coach your breathing, remind you to relax, recommend activities and position changes, and do massage!
Look at how you view labor. Labor is not something that happens TO you, nor is it a medical event. Rather, as the word implies, labor is the work your body does to deliver your baby!
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