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Treatment for sore nipples begins with fixing positioning and latch.

After that, badly damaged nipples may benefit from a nipple cream that treats possible underlying infectious components such as yeast and bacteria. It may also be beneficial to treat underlying inflammation. Usually, the pain of infection is due to the inflammation associated with the infection, rather than the infection itself. The hydrocortisone in the following ointment will help with the pain while healing takes place.

Here is a simple and inexpensive recipe for all purpose nipple ointment, to be used when there has been nipple injury. There are only three ingredients, and you can buy these inexpensively, over the counter, without a prescription! Here are the three things you will need to buy:


Mix in equal amounts and keep handy in a small container. Apply to the affected nipples after feedings until feeling better or healed. Do not wash off after feeds.

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